The Brains and Brawn Behind City Station

There have been countless hours of planning and prayer over this massive endeavor by a multitude of community members. Meet the team who have put City Station into motion, and who will continue to help it thrive once the doors are officially open.

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The visionary

Shannon rallied his church and town members after realizing the positive impact a Community Center could have on Carrollton.

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Kirby butler

Committee Chair

Kirby has been key in the organization and structure of City Station. She has worked hard to see it come to life.

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Kevin jarrett

Operations Manager

Kevin oversees all things City Station and will continue to do so once the doors open.

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Ron Boswell

Church Administrator

Ron has been a charter committee member and key to the success of City Station.


The Directors


hollie adams

Preschool Dir.

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kari jarrett

Student Housing Dir.


Michael perkins

Mustard Seed Cafe


eddie duffey

Fitness Center Dir.