What is Our Return on the City Station Investment?

Undertaking a project as large as City Station requires a huge leap of faith. What could motivate a person to make such a substantial commitment and sign on the dotted line for a $15 million dollar loan? Shannon Lovelady, Pastor of Southern Hills Church, is that crazy person. But why? What is the return on such a large investment?

A few years ago Shannon and several members of Southern Hills Church came to a saddening realization: Churches, though full of life a couple of days of the week, sit completely empty the rest of the time. Why waste millions of dollars on the mortar and steel to build a bigger church, when you can build something much bigger for the community instead?

Thus, the idea of City Station was born.

To make this vision a reality, Southern Hills Church has acquired a $15 million loan through The Solomon Foundation, a non-profit ministry whose sole purpose is to lend funds to expand the ministry of churches like Southern Hills. During construction Southern Hills will raise a minimum of $5 million to be used to reduce the loan amount. In addition to acquiring a loan, the body of Southern Hills Church has further demonstrated their support and commitment to City Station by giving $1 million to the project between November 2015 and December 2016.

One of the best parts is, once the debt of the building is paid, City Station will profit approximately $25,000/mo in revenue from the Student Housing Department.

This will all be given back into the community.

Hold on a second… $25,000 a month pumped back into the community? That is $300,000 a year - pouring directly into our families, neighborhoods, charities, schools and all of West Georgia! Imagine what a difference it will make in our community!

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City Station's existence is to serve our community. From the Restaurant, to the Fitness Center, to the free multi-purpose rooms available for rent, this facility will be in use and made available to the community every day of the week.

The opportunities are endless. The legacy is priceless. Join us on the adventure of making City Station become a reality and catalyst for positive change in our community! To make your tax-deductible donation, click here.